Flooding at Fishlake – family rehoused to keep them safe 

The winter floods of 2019 proved a testing time for thousands of people across the UK, and residents at our properties in Fishlake – a low-lying area in Doncaster – were unfortunately among them.

One of our young families housed in the area had a vulnerable child, suffering with severe Asthma and Autism. Any kind of wet or damp conditions could have been life threatening. Their wellbeing was our priority.

Acting Head of Homes & Services, Gail Bouskill, shared the story: “It was a very difficult time for everyone. Large parts of the UK were under water – the rain was relentless that year. 

“I was in constant contact with the Environment Agency who reassured me that our homes wouldn’t flood – but two days later the whole area was under water including a number of our properties. Once we realised our residents could be at risk our emergency plans kicked in to place including a comprehensive risk assessment.” 

The team quickly identified those at risk, including a young family with vulnerable children and organised temporary accommodation for them.

Gail continued: “It was quite a challenge as you might imagine, everywhere was fully booked. After much perseverance, we managed to find them a lovely place to stay; the family was rehoused for a total of 10 weeks until the property had fully dried out and no longer posed a risk.

“We coordinated with contractors, insurers and the Local Authority as well as maintaining ongoing communications with residents. Eventually, the properties received drying certificates and repair work got underway.”

With water levels rising each year, severe flooding is becoming more commonplace than ever before and housing associations, like any other property owners, are at risk. 

At Johnnie Johnson Housing, our commitment to our residents and customers is to provide them with safe, affordable homes and the reassurance that we are there to support them in difficult times. That’s why we have developed, tested and continue to re-test on a regular basis a rigorous business continuity plan, which kicks into action in the eventuality of any crisis or disaster.