Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

First Published: 13/06/2024

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

At Johnnie Johnson Housing, we hold this day in special reverence, as our founder Air Vice Marshal, James Edgar Johnson was one of the Royal Air Force’s most distinguished pilots who bravely took to the skies over Normandy in support of the D-Day operations.
Johnnie Johnson led the Canadian Wing and his Spitfire was the first plane to land in France after D-Day. He remained in the RAF until 1966 when he retired as an Air Vice-Marshal. Johnnie formed this housing business back in 1969 and badged it with his own name. This is where our history began…
Residents across our properties came together last week to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.  There were several events and activities organised to mark this significant  anniversary with organised events, singing, dancing and poems.

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of D-Day at Johnnie Johnson Housing properties

Park house, Manchester

Residents at Park House in Droylsden gathered in the communal lounge and started the day with a memoir in honour of those who fought on D-Day. They then enjoyed some delicious food and a cake Marcia, the Community Housing Officer, prepared for the day. The event wrapped up with a lively singalong with a singer and trumpeter with some of the residents getting up for a dance.

The Bury, Hertfordshire

At The Bury, in Codicote Hertfordshire, residents, blessed with good weather enjoyed an evening celebration on the terrace of their historic listed building. The residents were entertained by local choir, The Codicote Choir, who sang a medley of wartime songs.  A WWII jeep was parked on the lawn, loaned for the evening by Willis Jeep. Community Housing Officer, Tanya Shipp, with her daughter’s help, provided a delicious buffet for everyone to enjoy, as well as making commemorative goodie bags for all the residents. The evening got in to full swing with a raffle, before resident of The Bury, Bill Reboul treated his neighbours to renditions of lots of their favourite songs.

Blenheim Court, Gateshead

The residents of Blenheim Court honoured the 80th anniversary of D-Day with a lively celebration. They dressed up in 1940s attire, recreating the fashions of that era. A festive meal was served, allowing everyone to dine together. A raffle added to the celebration with exciting prizes. To set the mood, music from the 1940s played, transporting residents back to those times. 

Many residents across our properties recognised the sacrifices of the D-Day troops while getting together in a great day of celebration. Some of the properties that got involved are Kenley Lodge, Manchester; Boulmer Court, Chester-Le-Street; Trenchard Court, Droylsden; Northolt Court, Droylsden; Spey House, Stockport.

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