JJH launch first phase of SMS Text Repairs Service

First Published: 15/06/2017

Mobile phones have become truly ubiquitous. Over 94% of the population carry at least one mobile device and text has become the instant medium of communication for the masses. Over 57 million are sent daily in the UK and research suggests that over 90% are read within a few minutes of reception. Costs are very low in comparison with letters and even emails. The quick response of a text, so soon after contact with a colleague via CRM or any other part of the system reinforces the feeling that their issue is important and being addressed.

We will be launching phase 1 of this new service beginning with Repairs. When a repair is logged onto our system the resident will receive a SMS text message basically informing them that the repair has been logged and the contractor will be in touch with them shortly to arrange an appointment. They will also receive a job id for reference.

We will be launching this service week commencing 19th June. Phase 2 will then look at extending the use of SMS for other parts of the housing management service at later dates throughout the year.

Watch this space for more developments!