JJH takes the housing lead in helping make Manchester city carbon neutral by 2038

First Published: 23/10/2018

Work is being planned to improve the energy efficiency of JJH schemes, as part of our contribution to climate change initiatives.

In March 2016 the Our Manchester Strategy was launched, setting out the vision for Manchester to ‘be in the top flight of world-class cities by 2025’ and committing the city to ‘playing our full part in limiting the impacts of climate change’. The Manchester Climate Change Board (MCCB) has now published a proposal to update Manchester’s commitments on climate change.

JJH Executive Director, Homes and Services Ian Thomson is taking the lead on this cross-sector group on behalf of 14 other Manchester housing associations and recently presented proposals on how we can make a real difference to the climate change agenda.

The focus right now is to define how we can meet climate change targets for Manchester city and understand more about practical steps we can take to get there.

When the proposals are agreed they will form part of a climate change pledge from Manchester housing providers – alongside pledges from the other sectors – and we will work together to achieve our ambitious but important goal of making Manchester city carbon neutral.

For JJH the benefits of this will reach far wider than just Manchester as any changes we introduce will positively impact residents across all of our regions. We hope that residents will welcome our plans to offer more green energy support and improve the energy efficiency of their homes and look forward to consulting with them in the near future about how this will work in a practical sense.

The next milestones for the ‘Our Manchester’ project will be:

MCCB proposal endorsed by Manchester City Council (MCC) on behalf of the city by November 2018
Citywide action plan drafted with partners by February 2019
Draft citywide plan adopted by MCC on behalf of the city by March 2019
Final city wide plan produced with partners between April 2019 and February 2020
Final plan adopted by MCC on behalf of the city by March 2020
Staying within our carbon budget and becoming world-class zero carbon city April 2020 to December 2038

Read the full proposal