Johnnie Johnson Housing completes work to achieve top regulatory ratings

First Published: 30/11/2016

Johnnie Johnson Housing (JJH) today announced that it has been upgraded to the top governance rating G1 following an In-depth Assessment (IDA). The upgrade follows a recent upgrade to V1. This sees the Cheshire based association become the only housing association in the UK to do so from previous downgrades of V3 and G3.

The Regulatory Judgement stated;

We have now undertaken an IDA and concluded a governance grading of G1. Since the G2 judgement in February 2015, JJH has made significant improvements to its governance and treasury management arrangements.  Risk management has also been improved and further refined. 

We consider there to be a robust and prudent business planning process with sound monitoring arrangements in place, supported by clear triggers to manage and mitigate risks. We have assurance that JJH has a robust and prudent strategic planning process which is owned and driven by the board and implemented by the executive team.

JJH understands its strategic direction, has a business plan to support it and robust monitoring arrangements are in place to ensure appropriate oversight of delivery. Where appropriate, JJH has engaged external validation and this provides additional assurance around its systems, processes and internal controls. 

JJH has carried out a restructure of both governance and staffing arrangements and completely refreshed its board and executive team.

Paul Dolan, Chief Executive of Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust (JJH), said:

“The Board, staff and residents of Johnnie Johnson have managed to successfully climb a mountain that most in the housing sector said was insurmountable. This has been achieved through a massive amount of commitment and hard work. As we take handover of our first new development in 3 years, our focus on delivering innovative and cost effective retirement living housing and services gains momentum. Our reputation for high quality homes and services will ensure Johnnie Johnson has a bright future and an important place in the housing sector”.