Johnnie Johnson Housing is working with Upland Rant and Rave

First Published: 18/02/2022

Listening to our customers has always been important to us; your opinions and feedback help us with a wide range of improvements, from shaping our new products and services to understanding where our services might sometimes fall short.

It’s important to us, that if you take the time to share your views or provide feedback; we are in a position to be able to respond and take action quickly. It’s always nice to hear what’s working well, but it’s equally important for us to understand where we didn’t get things quite right; after all, your feedback is the only way we will know which areas and services need improvement and focus.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be working with the award-winning team at Upland Rant and Rave, whose feedback system will help us to get better at capturing your feedback in real-time and turning it into positive action. It’s a fantastic step forward and really highlights just how important this is to us as a business. We hope this new partnership will enable us to open up more opportunities to gain feedback from more of our customers, in a way that suits them. Increasing the amount of feedback we get, provides us with better insight and allows us to make better business decisions, focusing on the areas and services that matter most to you.

As a customer, you don’t need to do anything, we just wanted to let you know that you may be contacted by Rant and Rave by text, phone call or email, or you may see a poster in the communal areas of your home with details of how to feedback. As always, we encourage you to feedback as honestly as you can, so we can shape and deliver great services for all our customers.

We look forward to sharing some of the findings and positive actions are taken as part of our ‘You Said, We Did’ updates.