Kick Starting Football Fun at Mitchell House!

First Published: 08/08/2017

As part of Johnnie Johnson Housing’s (JJH) dedication to the health and wellbeing of our residents we recently formed a partnership with Stockport County Community Foundation to enable our residents at Mitchell House in Gatley to take part in 10 weeks of low intensity football themed exercises. The 45 minute sessions have been well attended with some weeks seeing over 12 residents joining in with the gentle stretch warm ups, passing footballs to each other in a circle and walking drills. Resident, Doreen has lived at Mitchell House for 9 years said, ‘we all love the football sessions, I just join in with what I physically can at my own pace but we all have such a good laugh together and we are feeling healthier!’

Assistant Community Foundation Manager, Matthew Bailey who runs the sessions said, ‘we have been working in partnership with JJH for the past 3 months delivering active 50 + sessions for residents. The sessions are a good way for the residents to engage, but most importantly stay active with the light exercises session we have been delivering. We are extremely happy with the project and hope we can set more projects with JJH in the future. Stockport County Community are extremely proud to be working with JJH.’