New-style user friendly rent review packs delivered

First Published: 09/03/2021

Residents have been impressed with our new-style rent review packs which set out rent charges in a more user friendly and transparent way.

The packs, which are delivered to around 5,000 residents, bring together information on service charges, including a breakdown and explanation of charges, statutory notice of rent review, and ways to pay, all in one easy to read, branded booklet.

Income Services Officer at Johnnie Johnson Housing, Allie Howe, explained a bit more about the project: “We’re really pleased with the new rent review packs and our customers are happier too.

“We have incorporated various documents into one booklet; these were difficult to understand and confusing for customers. Now residents can clearly access the information they want and easily see what they are being charged for. It has created a much better service and experience for our customers.”

“The changes will bring some cost savings too, which we can use to improve other parts of the service. While this has been really successful already, we will look at any lessons learned in April, identifying if there are any further way of improving the process and creating greater value for money moving forwards!”