Radar Bands Launch

First Published: 17/09/2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Radar Band, a new wristband from Astraline designed to help vulnerable people who may be at risk of getting lost.

Astraline is our 24 hour telecare monitoring centre, offering a range of products and services that help support independent living.

Astraline will hold basic information about the band wearer, any important medical information and contact details for their next of kin or carers. If the wearer becomes lost any member of the public who finds them can contact Astraline 24 hours a day. Astraline will not share any personal details with members of the public but will call next of kin or carers to tell them where the person has been found.

For a cost of just £1 a week customers will receive a personalised radar band along with a year’s monitoring service from Astraline and information about the Herbert Protocol – a nationally recognised scheme supported by the police to help find vulnerable people who might go missing.

This product also supports the work of The Alzheimer’s Society, which is Astraline and Johnnie Johnson Housing’s charity of the year in 2018 because we will donate £1 from the sale of every Radar Band sale to the charity.

Astraline also offers a range of simple mobile phones, emergency SOS ‘Pebble’ devices and traditional alarm systems for within the home. View the full range in the Astraline shop.

Find out more about Radar Bands, which are available to order from the Astraline shop now