Rent and service charge packs

First Published: 09/12/2020


I’m Amanda Radcliffe and I’ve been given a wonderful secondment opportunity as an Interim Project Manager. With my Project Team from Customer Operations and in partnership with TriPartum we have redesigned the packs we send to you about your rent and service charges. We’ve given them a new look and have been working to make our statements much clearer.

Our leasehold and shared owner residents who pay a variable service charge will have already seen the new design in their packs that were sent out this September. The next packs will be your annual rent statements which are normally sent out in July but our Project Team are currently reviewing this document with involved residents and in partnership with TriPartum. They will be ready soon with plans to reach you early next year. We’re working on making these packs more meaningful to our residents with more relevant information rather than just being a transactional record.



Your rent and actual service charges pack

These packs are sent in September and are for our leasehold and shared owner residents who pay a variable service charge. The pack includes a breakdown of your actual service charge with details of any changes from the estimate we made in February as well as your rent, if you pay any, although this won’t have changed. Any changes are decided by our auditor who confirms your correct monthly service charge, that we adjust and distribute over the rest of the financial year (November to March). This means you may pay less, more, or the same amount depending on if and how your service charges have changed.


Your rent and service charge pack


These packs are sent in February. For general needs and independent living residents, the pack is a formal notice of our rent review and what your rent will be from the following April to March. If you also pay service charges, a fixed estimate of these for the year will be included in the pack.

For leasehold and shared owner residents, this pack estimates your likely costs and what you are required to pay from April to March. If you pay rent on your share of the property, we will have reviewed this in accordance with the terms of your lease.


Annual rent statement

This statement details all credit applied to your account through payments received and the actual charges, known as debits which we have applied to your account. The statement is usually for a 12 month period. The project team are currently working on including additional information in these packs that is more specific to your household, the community where you live and the services which you receive. The name of the pack may change but this is still under discussion.


We really hope you find the new packs helpful following the work we’ve done to make the information contained within them clearer and more relevant to you.

I would like to say a big thank you and well done to everyone who worked on this project over the last year. So thank you to everyone at TriPartum and the Johnnie Johnson Customer Operations Team members involved: Epiphany Kidd, Vicki Honeysett, Allie Howe, Carolyn Staddon and Jo Gibbs for all their hard work on delivering the Leasehold re-invoicing accounts and continuing to work on the project. I would also like to thank our residents Alice Umbarak, Morris Globe, Alan Chadwick and Kath Newell for their valued feedback and support on this project.