Taking your security seriously

First Published: 18/02/2022

We take your online security seriously, that’s why we’ve recently introduced a 2-step verification process to our portal and app. Join millions of other people in protecting yourself against cyber-crime.

2-step verification can reduce the risk to you if your password gets stolen, you click on a dodgy link by mistake, or if you use the same password on multiple sites. You can choose not to use 2-step verification but we strongly recommend that you do.

It’s really simple to use but signing into our portal or app will look a little different.

Step 1: Sign in as usual with your username and password.

Step 2: After you enter your password on your account, you’ll need to complete a second step. You’ll need your mobile phone to hand. You’ll receive a sign-in code on your phone, either by text message or email. Enter the code when prompted.