The Old Palace wins local competition

First Published: 12/06/2016

The Old Palace recently entered the local Scarecrow competition for the 4th consecutive year.

This year, the theme was wizards & witches and Mrs. Cartwright (resident artist, as pictured) set about making this wonderful Merlin. The judges came on Friday (17th) and it looks like 2016 was set to be their year!

Massive congratulations to all at the Old Palace who were crowned winner!!

First prize of £25 (most of the income of this competition goes toward building a new Community Centre for St. Asaph), will go into the social funds and will be put towards an activity or day trip. All of the tenants at The Old Palace would like to thank Mrs Cartwright for her hard work.

There will be an article regarding this event in the next City Times (local paper) and hopefully this will put The Old Palace back on the map!