Universal Credit

First Published: 09/01/2019

Universal Credit (UC) is a new benefit for working age people that replaces a number of existing benefits and tax credits. It is designed to support people who have a low (or no) income with their basic living expenses and housing costs. The overall plan for UC was to be rolled out across the UK in stages; however the rollout is to be scaled back amid concerns about the migration to the new benefits system. MP’s were due to vote on whether to move three million benefits claimants onto UC in the next few weeks. But this vote has been pushed back and parliament will instead be asked to vote on transferring just 10,000 people to the new benefits system with a view to proceed with ‘managed migration’ of people to UC following careful review and future planning.

What does this mean for JJ residents?

Gill Kiely, Welfare Benefits Advisor said, ‘We know many of our residents will be concerned about receiving UC payments. We are here to provide advice, guidance and support if needed, please call our Customer Service Hub on 0345 305 5335 for further information. We plan to launch our new JJ microsite dedicated to providing the latest updates to help our residents to understand how UC will work and how it may affect them.’