Lisa Johnson – Director, Development

Johnnie Johnson has set itself a challenging and exciting growth target of 1000 new homes over the next 8 years, with an emphasis on housing for independent living.  Lisa’s role as Director of Development Growth will focus on delivery and re-establishing Johnnie Johnson as a key developer partner in affordable housing within the North West and North East, Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Lisa believes creating fantastic neighbourhoods is all about people and empowering them to make real choices in their lives, not only about the house that they live in, but as a real stakeholder in their community, irrespective of generational background, ethnic diversity, economical means or specialist requirements, real people want to live safe, secure and in attractive neighbourhoods.

Johnnie Johnson’s future development and investment work will not only focus on building and maintaining attractive homes, but include a clear commitment to invest in neighbourhoods, creating homes not just for today but for the enjoyment of future generations to come.

Lisa and the team will provide a whole range of housing to meet the changing demands of people; helping people buy their first home, enjoy family life, and retire to a home of their choice. Lisa believes that Affordability, sustainability and desirability will be a fundamental in achieving Johnnie Johnson’s vision to live longer, live better

Key Responsibilities;

  • To lead on the effective delivery of Johnnie Johnson development programme
  • Be an active member of the Executive team, contribute strategically across all areas of the business
  • Ensure growth and future pipeline targets are achieved in line with business plan and corporate objectives
  • Provide inspiration and motivation leadership through mentoring and coaching to all teams
  • Build strong networks & partnership in Health and Housing
  • Build independent living homes of the future