Michelle Collins

Regional Neighbourhood Manager West Region

What’s your background? 

I joined JJH in December 2020. I have worked in Social Housing for 20 years (nearly all my working life) I have worked for Places for People, Progress Housing, Eden Housing and JJ.  I have carried out a number of roles during the last 20 years, all within Housing management and and I have been a leader managing front line housing teams since 2011.

What does your role involve?

My role involves managing the front-line housing services across the west region, which covers from Cumbria to Buxton.

Which roles report into you?

Neighbourhood Housing Leads, Community Housing Officers, Independent Living and Community Housing Officers for General Let and Leasehold properties all come under my remit.  Plus I manage the Leasehold Independent Living Officers and Leasehold Visiting Warden.

What do you love about your role?

No two days are ever the same. The ability to support our residents and make a difference to peoples’ lives is very fulfilling.

What are the main challenges for you?

Recruitment is a difficulty at present across the sector, therefore finding people for the new Community Housing Officer roles has been a challenge. We are preparing for up and coming changes from government, regarding shared ownership, and we are looking at ways to implement some new, more efficient ways of working, following customer feedback.

What are you looking forward to in your role over the next 6 months? 

I’m looking forward to having a full complement of colleagues in the west which will enable us to deliver outstanding services to our customers.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I love my holidays, and I love planning holidays not only for myself but friends and family.  I also have a caravan that I like to spend time away in. I am an early riser and walk 3 – 5 miles each morning at 5.30am.  I love reading books when I do find the time to relax.