Our allocations policy is the framework in which our homes are allocated.

We allocate properties on the basis of date registration within the three housing need groups below:

Group one - Priority housing need

Examples below:

  • homeless
  • local authority nomination
  • need to move due to a serious illness which prevents you living in your current home (For example, we consider it an extremely urgent need for re-housing if, you are prevented from leaving hospital because your home is no longer suitable, such as an amputee having to live down stairs where the only toilet is upstairs)
  • need to move due to serious  harassment/violence
  • need to move due to demolition or  major building works
  • situation where you are financially worse  off due to the bedroom tax

*  Please note that you will be asked to provide evidence to substantiate your housing situation.  

Group two - Urgent housing need

Examples below:

  • suffering from anti-social behaviour at current address
  • currently living in temporary accommodation
  • living in overcrowded conditions
  • suffering friction within the household
  • needing to move due to an illness or disability in order to improve quality of life

Group three - Other housing applicants

Examples below:

  • applicants who wish to move but have no  priority or urgent housing need
  • transfer applicants who have no medical or social need


When a vacancy arises we will normally contact the top six applicants on the waiting list in accordance with the priorities above. We may visit you at your home to assess your application. We will discuss whether you will be able to afford to live in one of our properties and, if we are considering offering you a tenancy, you will be invited  to view the property. Any offer of tenancy will be made in line with our allocations policy.

There may be instances where vacancies arise in areas that are governed by a local lettings policy. This means that lettings in these areas will need to be made in accordance with these policies. Such policies are usually created in consultation with the local authority and are specific  to the area.

The policy is backed up by clear procedures, which are regularly reviewed to ensure that we comply with any changes in the law and to make sure they help us to achieve our objectives.

Our key objectives are:

  • to ensure that we rehouse people with recognised housing needs
  • to operate a customer friendly application process, with simplified access to a housing register and realistic advice on housing availability and options
  • to offer as much choice as possible to applicants, and to be sufficiently flexible to meet local housing needs
  • to contribute to sustainable communities and help retain customers
  • to reflect our duty of care to existing residents keep faith with the rules under which we operate, and comply with regulatory requirements
  • to comply with relevant legislation
  • to be accountable and fair, promoting equality of opportunity in access to housing.

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