Astraline - a partnership for living

We also provide a 24 hour alarm monitoring service, Astraline which is our 24/7 control centre based at head office in   Poynton. Astraline became operational in 2000 and its original purpose was to provide a high quality telecare monitoring service to all of our Independent Living customers. Through continuous investment in new technology, Astraline plays a key role in supporting people to live longer and better by enabling them to remain independent.

The service has since evolved and we now provide a number of services to individuals and other housing associations across the UK.
This includes:

  • Monitoring a range of alarms including smoke, inactivity, fall and carbon monoxide sensors as well as mobile devices with location services that help us find you in an emergency
  • Welfare check calls
  • Personal alarm services for individuals living independently in their own homes
  • Alarm systems for vulnerable adults and lone workers
  • Support for people living with long term conditions such as dementia, diabetes or experiencing social isolation
  • Out of hours emergency repairs services

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