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Opportunities for volunteering

A message from Yvonne 

There are many opportunities being shared from our partners requesting volunteers.  This is the place we will post these opportunities. 

My view is that your health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of our other Johnnie Johnson residents comes first. Please do not put yourself in a position of risk.

If you feel you would like to volunteer, this is your decision.  Volunteering to help those in most need is a wonderful thing to do, especially in these times of crisis, but please do so with the balance of thinking about your health and safety, and those of our residents and their families.    

Much appreciated, Yvonne Castle, CEO

Current Opportunities 

Current Volunteering Opportunities


Organisation Name


Contact Name

Contact Details


Travel required

Number of Hours

Will i be expected to incur any costs?

07/04/20 The Bread and Butter thing Working from home Jane Partington 

07788 541 423


They require an individual who can manage their volunteer schedule.  It involves talking to all the people who are providing volunteers and getting names and times they are available and the jobs they are willing to do.  The names then need matching up with the requirements so that The Bread and Butter Thing can get the job done.


They need someone to commit to a 16 week block of work. 

It would suit someone who cannot do their normal job from home but is willing to do some work.  It would not be full-time each day but it would be on and off calls and emails each day so it might fit round child care if someone doesn't mind the interruptions.