Property & tenure types

Whether you're looking to rent or buy, we provide a wide range of homes for single people, couples, families, retirees, people with disabilities and those with special needs. Our homes range from studios and flats to bungalows and houses.

Property & tenure types

We provide thousands of homes for communities in the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Derbyshire, including in both rural and urban locations.

Independent living properties

Our independent living homes are designed to offer the perfect balance of support and independence, giving customers the freedom to enjoy life to the full. In most cases, properties fro rent are one and two bedroom homes including bungalows and flats.

General let housing

We provide general let housing for single people, couples and families to rent. Properties range from studios, flats, and bungalows for single people and couples to houses for families (up to four bedrooms or larger).

Leasehold Scheme for the Older Persons (LSE)

Our leasehold homes for purchase are normally age restricted to those over 55 or 60 years. This type of lease restricts ownership to a specific share of the equity (usually 70%). No leaseholder is able to buy 100% of these properties. Often leasehold homes are bungalows and flats.

Shared ownership houses, bungalows or apartments

We offer shared ownership homes for an affordable way to get on the property ladder or for those looking to downsize. We have a range of homes for sale, including houses, bungalows and flats, on offer in desirable locations and are adding more all the time.

Choice-based lettings

Our Choice Based Lettings system at Johnnie Johnson Housing is easy-to-use and allows you to make choices about where you want to live and which home is most suitable for you.

Frequently asked questions...

The core responsibilities of the board of directors are:

  • To define and maintain the values and objectives of Johnnie Johnson Housing.
  • To set the organisation’s strategic direction.
  • To approve policies and plans to achieve the objectives.
  • To approve the accounts and the annual budget and business plans.
  • To ensure that there is adequate delegation and good internal controls.
  • To ensure proper risk management.
  • To make decisions on important financial matters, or on issues which carry major risk, or are matters of principle.
  • To monitor the performance of the organisation and measure it against others.
  • To appoint the chief executive and fix his/her contract terms.
  • To ensure that the organisation acts within the law.
  • To ensure that governance standards are maintained.
  • To appoint and (if necessary) remove the chair of the board.

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to rent one of our properties.

Applicants between the ages of 16 and 18 will, however, be required to provide a guarantor and we strongly recommend that they seek advice from social services and/or the local authority homeless services.

Applicants looking for our Independent Living properties must normally be 55 years of age. In the case of couples, one partner should have reached 55. In certain circumstances, however, we can consider applicants under the age of 55, e.g. someone who is registered disabled and is in receipt of a relevant disability benefit. Some of our schemes have specific restrictions on who can apply. You will be advised of any restrictions on application.

At Johnnie Johnson Housing we have a clear Equality and Diversity policy. We welcome applications from anyone regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical characteristics or disability.

Using our new property website, you can bid on a maximum of 3 properties at any one time. However, if we have made you an offer of a property you will no longer be permitted to place bids and any previous bids for other properties will not be considered, pending the signing of the tenancy.

For leasehold properties, a rent charge may apply to cover the remaining share of the property that Johnnie Johnson Housing owns. Some leasehold properties may include a service charge or annual charge that covers communal gardening and maintenance. In some cases, this charge will be collected on the re-sale of the property based on a percentage per year that you lived at the property.

The external repairs of leasehold properties are normally covered by Johnnie Johnson Housing, although, there are exceptions to this. The internal repairs are normally the responsibility of the homeowner.

Johnnie Johnson Housing uses a Banding system to assess a person’s level of housing need. Your current housing circumstances will be assessed and you will be given the Band which reflects how urgently you need to move.

There are five Housing Need Bands and all applications received from people who want to move into a Johnnie Johnson rented property will be assessed and placed in one of the Bands. You can find out more about the Bands on our property website.

When allocating a property we will shortlist applicants, taking into account:

  • Their housing need (i.e. their Band)
  • Who will occupy the property fully (see ‘How we calculate bedroom need’)
  • The effective date of their application (i.e. the date that their Band was awarded)
  • Any other eligibility rules such as local connection, age limits etc.
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