Johnnie Johnson Housing is committed to protecting our existing and new residents as well as our colleagues during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have amended our existing procedures and processes to comply with the new Government guidance for social landlords, ensuring that social distancing and hygiene are maintained throughout the whole process of renting a property, including while: 

Throughout the allocation process, you will be asked three screening questions:
1.     Do you, or does anyone in your household, fall into a category where you should be shielding? If the answer is yes, you must continue to follow Government guidance and unless you have a critical housing need, you will be unable to move in.

2.     Do you, or anyone in your household, currently have Coronavirus, having received a positive test result?

3.     Are you, or is anyone in your household, currently displaying any symptoms of  Coronavirus?     


If you answer yes to questions two and/or three, you will have to wait before being able to view or move into one of our homes.

You can download our latest guidance Guidance for Applicants and New Residents .pdf [pdf] 1MB or watch our series of short videos below, which will talk you through our allocation process during this time.