We are proud to be a Shareholder and Founding Member of Invisible Creations

Our mission is to design products that don’t define us by our age, our mission is to Design for Dignity™.

The idea for Invisible Creations® was created in the National Housing Federation’s innovation programme in 2018.  The initiative was supported by the social housing sector and was formally founded as new business in January 2020.

Our purpose is to design for dignity™; to create products that are inclusive and aid mobility. Products that have dual-purpose, are discreet and that may be strategically placed around the home to help reduce decline in health and make daily living easier.

The key driver is prevention; our products can be installed into homes as early as possible to enable people to use them as their needs change.

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Our Design for Dignity™ product range

Good design should reflect the diversity of people who use it and not impose barriers of any kind. The current adaptations market lacks choice, fosters negative attitudes towards ageing and disability, and fails to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of the people in our communities.

By taking a more inclusive approach to the design and management of the built environment, the frustration and hardship experienced by many – including disabled people, older people and families with young children – can be overcome. We all benefit from an environment designed in line with inclusive principles.

You can find out more about the products available here.