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Who do you want to attend the next round of regional forums?

The next regional forums will take place in September - you can book your place here

The top four issues from the forums in May were:

  1. Gardening and Walkabouts
  2. Independent Living Coordinators and how they are operating
  3. Resident Inspector programme review
  4. Business performance with an emphasis on VOIDS

98% of attendees found the session either extremely or very helpful

90% of attendees feel that the forum gave them the opportunity to have their say

92% feel that they were able to hold JJH Officers to account on the issues that matter

We want to continue to increase feedback and ensure the fourms are delivering against the issues that matter to you!

So, our first question on the new Voices blog to you is....Who do you want to attend the next round of forums from the JJH team? Who do you want to hear from?

Thank you!


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  1. Brian Southworth Monday, 5 June 2017 at 01:18 PM

    I would like to from the head of the department that that requests Estimates, Quotations, and issues tender documents to prospective contractors and orders the work from the successful company.
    I would like hear a full explanation of the process from initial enquiry to the order being placed including the quality control system prior the the final account being settled,

  2. Alice Umbarak Monday, 5 June 2017 at 01:23 PM

    Robert Crehan - as a new leasehold officer, he should have been at the May forum. I think all JJHT staff who have interaction with residents should have the experience of attending these important meetings.

  3. Emma Midgley Monday, 5 June 2017 at 01:27 PM

    Thank you Alice and Brian, we will feed these comments back to the team as we shape the agenda.

  4. Kath Newell Monday, 5 June 2017 at 05:23 PM

    I would like the Manager for the out of hours service to attend to explain how the service responds to out of hours emergencies, how a call is processed , what contingency plans are in place to deal with emergencies and how a call is escalated .

  5. Emma Midgley Tuesday, 6 June 2017 at 01:23 PM

    Thank you Kath, I will feed this back.

  6. arthur smith Thursday, 8 June 2017 at 06:07 PM

    hi, would like to see gill kiely at the meeting , think her experienced imput would be highly invaluable to all members and residents , thank you kind regards Arthur smith.

  7. Emma Midgley Friday, 9 June 2017 at 09:31 AM

    Thank you Arthur, we will factor this in to the next agenda.