Buildings Insurance | Frequently asked questions

Buildings Insurance

Under the terms of your Lease we are obliged to provide the buildings insurance for your home. You are responsible for paying your part of the insurance premium through your service charge or as an individual charge according to the terms of your lease.

The Buildings Insurance provides cover for specific hazards including fire, flood, water damage etc. If you think that you may be entitled to claim against the Buildings Insurance please contact JJH on 0845 305 5335.

The insurance does not cover the contents of your home. You are strongly advised to arrange your own contents insurance cover for personal belongings.

As a leaseholder you have a right to:-

  •  A copy of the insurance policy summary of cover.
  •  Inspect the policy document and take a copy of the policy document (we can make a reasonable copying charge).
  • Proof that we have paid the insurance premium.

You should be aware that there is normally an excess of £100.00 (at time of writing) on each claim.  The excess is payable either through your service charge or may be your own personal responsibility, depending on the nature of the claim.

Contents Insurance

JJH do not insure the contents of your home and we strongly recommend that you take out Contents Insurance cover to protect you in the event of an emergency such as fire, theft, water damage etc.

We have negotiated preferential rates for Contents Insurance which is available to all our tenants and leaseholders. Please contact Johnnie Johnson Housing on 0845 305 5335 and we will arrange for a Contents Insurance information pack to be sent to you.


How do I know if I can claim on the Buildings Insurance?

You can request a copy of the Buildings Insurance Policy from the Leasehold Officer for your scheme. There is a £100.00 excess on the policy which means that you have to pay the first £100.00 for each individual claim and if the insurance company accept that the claim is a valid claim under the terms of the policy, they will generally pay for costs over the £100.00 excess.

If I go away for more than 30 days does this affect the cover on the Buildings Insurance?

Whilst there is no unoccupied exclusion on the Buildings Insurance policy, we recommend that if you are going to be away from the property for any length of time that you arrange for your home to be inspected by relatives or a neighbour/friend to ensure that the property is secure and that no damage has occurred. In addition you may want to consider draining down the heating system etc. to avoid burst pipes. 

Although you make your own arrangements for the Contents Insurance cover at your home, you may find it beneficial to check with the Contents Insurance Company about what you need to do if your are going to be away from you home for longer than a couple of weeks because many insurance companies do reduce cover if the property is unoccupied for more than a few weeks.