Can I make alterations and improvements to my home? | Frequently asked questions

Can I make alterations and improvements to my home?

If you wish to make any alterations/improvements to your home, you will need to apply to Johnnie Johnson Housing in writing or by email, providing details about the proposed alteration and/or improvement. This includes alteration of windows, construction of porches and conservatories, replacement kitchens/bathrooms and structural alterations inside the property. We will consider the request and if reasonable, grant permission on the condition that the work is carried out at your own expense by a competent builder. It may be necessary to formalise consent through a legal agreement and you would be required to meet the legal costs incurred.

You will normally be responsible for the future maintenance and replacement of the ‘improvement’ or alteration, such as a conservatory, or porch. You may be charged an administration fee where Johnnie Johnson Housing deals with requests for improvements and your Leasehold Officer will advise you.

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