Help for Armed Forces

If you're a member of the Armed Forces, a veteran or family member, help is available to you. Don’t struggle with financial hardship, we’ll show you where to go and who to speak to for the best help and advice.

Help for the Armed Forces

There are many different kinds of financial help available for people in the Armed Forces, veterans and their families.  Citizens Advice provides a comprehensive list of support that is available, including.

Our commitment to you

At Johnnie Johnson Housing, we have signed up to the Armed Forces covenant. The Covenant ensures that you are treated fairly; that you should not face disadvantage compared to other citizens in accessing housing and in the provision of services.  It’s about taking account of your individual circumstances which might perhaps make things more difficult in accessing services and products. Please let us know if you are a member of the Armed Forces, a veteran or a family member when you speak to our representatives.

Money worries & benefits advice

If you have any money worries or need benefits advice, we can help. Call our Customer Service Hub and ask for a call back from our Income Services team.