Housing Service Charges

As a customer renting one of our homes, you are required to pay your rent as per the terms of your tenancy agreement. You may also be eligible to pay an additional charge, called a service charge. If you are required to pay this, it will be outlined in your tenancy agreement and we will discuss this with you before you sign your agreement.

Housing service charges are made up of a number of different things and cover the costs of communal window cleaning, gardening services, and, if you live in one of our apartments or communal living communities, it will also pay towards the maintenance of lifts and the upkeep of any communal areas.

We calculate your housing service charge separately to your rent and the charge is set on an annual basis, we do this at the same time as your rents are reviewed and you will always be notified of any changes before they occur.

Your housing service charge will depend on the type of property you live in, with different services being used across our many areas. We make sure that all costs are apportioned appropriately. You can find out more about your housing service charge by logging into your online account.

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