Our Values - This is how we do it


One Team

One team We 'make it happen' by staying connected and working collaboratively

We work together as ‘one’ with colleagues, customers and other partners to deliver quality housing and services, and to drive maximum value for money to our customers. To be successful, we cannot operate in isolation; we know, appreciate and draw upon the strengths and diversity in the ‘team’. Effective communication lies at the heart of the ‘one-team’ ethos; we listen and speak openly, treating all people as individuals and with respect. As colleagues, we are all equally responsible for quality and success and we remain focussed on the services we deliver, overcoming any barriers, and finding solutions.




Outstanding We focus on our customer, balancing a social heart with a business head and are always accountable

We are committed to our customers and believe that we directly impact on their quality of living. We have a ‘social heart and a business head’ which means that our operational discipline, commitment to ongoing improvement and our financial strength is crucial in order to deliver our social mission into the future. We are proud of the quality we deliver and believe our service and quality of living differentiates us from other providers. As colleagues, we are successful when we start each day with a sense of purpose and end the day with a sense of accomplishment.



Pioneering We learn, share and improve, we are creative and innovative and are always bold brave and courageous

We have current and future customers at the heart of everything we do. With the social and political agenda for older people in mind, we are outward looking, we campaign and advocate on their behalf, we research current thinking and open up new areas of thought and development. We have the tenacity to push for improvement in everything we do; learning about better ways of working, experimenting with new models of service delivery and leveraging new technology in order to generate better value for our customers.



Empowering We are decisive, we take the lead and inspire others

We offer customers choice about housing and services enabling them to lead a good quality of life with the right level of independence. Our 'one-team' ethos reflects our approach to customer involvement and co-regulation; our customers have a voice and we believe that working together with them leads to success for everyone. Every colleague in our team can contribute, inspire others and drive change. Leaders at every level in the organisation empower colleagues, customers and other partners to succeed individually, whilst achieving collective success.


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