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Johnnie Johnson Housing offers a number of types of compensation. They are an important part of our commitment to provide an excellent service to our customers. We are also legally or contractually obliged to offer some of them. We do not provide compensation for any loss or damage to the contents of residents or home owners’ homes which we are not directly responsible for causing. Residents and home owners are responsible for insuring themselves against these risks. We also do not compensate people for loss of earnings. If you are in doubt about whether you qualify for any of the types of compensation we offer, please get in touch with us for advice.

Compensation for repairs 

What is this compensation for?

To compensate customers for any inconvenience they experience when we don’t carry out some types of repairs on time.

Who can apply for this type of compensation?

Any resident who orders a repair which we don’t carry out in time and that is covered by this type of compensation. Some home owners may also qualify for this type of compensation for certain types of repairs which are our responsibility.

Repairs category and target for doing the repair Examples of repairs in this category
Repairs categories
Emergency - 24 hour
  • total electrical failure
  • Major leaks due to defective plumbing / services
  • Securing doors / windows
  • No cold water supply
  • Gas leaks
  • Blocked W.C.
Urgent and non-urgent repairs - 14 days
  • Partial electrical failure
  • Internal overflows
  • General roof repairs
  • Broken W.C. flushes













This table doesn’t give a complete list of the repairs that might qualify. If you aren’t sure if a particular repair does qualify please get in touch and we will be able to advise you.

We will compensate qualifying residents for these types of repairs if we don’t carry them out within the agreed timescales - and after we have failed to keep two appointments (unless our contractors turned up to do the work and the resident or home owner was not in or did not let the contractors in).

Residents who can claim this compensation will receive £10 for each qualifying repair, with an extra £2 each day that we don’t get the repair done. The most we will pay for any one claim is £50.

Compensation for home improvements

What is this compensation for?

To compensate residents, but not home owners, at the time they leave their home for certain types of improvements they made during their tenancy and which we approved.

Who can apply for this type of compensation?

Any resident who makes certain types of improvement to their home which we approved at the time they were done. The sort of improvements we will compensate residents for include new bathrooms; new kitchens; re-wiring and new windows.

How does it work?

When a resident decides to move out of their home, they can ask us to compensate them for any large improvements they have made. Before deciding whether to offer any compensation, we will check that the improvements qualify for it.

If the improvement(s) do qualify, we will calculate how much compensation to pay. We will do this by taking account of the ‘useful life’ of each type of improvement, what it cost to do and when it was done. 

We have clear rules for using this information to calculate compensation payments. However, we will not pay anything if the resident is entitled to less than £50 and we will not pay anyone  more than £3,000.

We aim to agree payments for this type of compensation within 15 working days of receiving claims.

How can I make a claim for compensation or find out more?

If you think you are entitled to compensation you can contact us via information on page 2.