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Gas servicing

Gas servicing

Johnnie Johnson Housing undertakes an annual service and gas safety check to all gas appliances (boilers, gas fires, cookers and tumble driers) installed by us. This is in accordance with Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

This applies at all Johnnie Johnson Housing properties with a gas supply except leasehold and shared ownership, where the responsibility of servicing of gas appliances in these properties lies  with the leaseholder.

How does the servicing programme work?

  • At the start of each year, a servicing programme is agreed with each contractor. This is based on the previous years’ service dates (anniversary dates) brought forward by two months.
  • Contractors write to each address two weeks before the planned service date. Their letter will advise the resident of the date, stating morning or afternoon, they propose to attend. Residents have the opportunity to rearrange their service date with the contractor directly.
  • The contractor visits on the planned service date and carries out the service
  • If there is no access to the property on the first visit a card is left with a new appointment date. Alternatively the contractors write again advising of a new service date. Residents have the opportunity to rearrange this new service date
  • The contractor visits on the new planned service date and carries out the service

If there is no access to the property on the second visit another card is left. This card asks the residents to contact the contractor or Johnnie Johnson to arrange a third appointment.

Upon completion of the annual service the contractor will complete a Landlord Gas Safety Record.

Handwritten Landlord Gas Safety Records are left with the resident at the time of the service. A printed copy of the electronic version of these will be sent to the resident by post within 30 days of the service.

If the contractor makes two ‘no  access’ attempts

  • Second no access visit - a Pre-Notice  of Seeking Possession (pre-NOSP) letter is sent
  • Further lack of response results in a Notice of Seeking Possession (NOSP)
  • If no response is received we will then instruct a solicitor to write to you
  • If no response is no received after contact from a solicitor, we will then commence legal proceedings

In conjunction with the above process, Johnnie Johnson Housing will consider capping off the gas at a property externally if possible. This will only be done in consultation with the Housing Manager in case of vulnerabilities. During periods of cap off, electric fan heaters will be available to the residents.
Residents may be recharged if they miss more than two appointments without good reason. The recharge amount is the full amount charged to Johnnie Johnson Housing over and above the normal cost Johnnie Johnson Housing would incur for the gas service. Asset Management admin process the invoices and pass on copies to housing managers to invoke the recharge procedure.

Solid fuel servicing

Johnnie Johnson Housing maintains a small number of properties in the North East region which, due to their geographic location, are unable to be connected to the gas network. These properties are heated by solid fuel back boiler systems.

Although there is no legal requirement to service solid fuel systems, we consider it best practice to service these appliances, and have the flues swept every 6 months.

Resident’s own appliances

Residents may choose to improve their homes via the Tenants Right to Improvement Policy. Where this involves the installation of a gas fire or alterations to the central heating system the resident must seek permission from Johnnie Johnson Housing. If permission is refused Johnnie Johnson Housing will provide the resident with a reason. During the annual gas service residents own appliances will be checked for safety but not serviced.

Leasehold residents

The main gas contractor (Sure Maintenance) is able provide gas servicing and maintenance cover to leasehold residents.

This is entirely independent of the contract with the gas companies for Johnnie Johnson Housing’s rented stock. Leasehold residents form their own contract directly with the gas companies. If you are interested in arranging this with them, please call Sure directly on 0151 728 5707.