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Moving on

Transferring to another Johnnie Johnson Housing property

Johnnie Johnson Housing residents can apply for a move or transfer to another Johnnie Johnson Housing property. Internal transfers will only receive priority if they meet the criteria of the urgent needs categories as outlined in our Allocations Policy.

The easiest way to apply for a transfer is by telephoning our Customer Service Hub via the information on page 2. You should also speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer or Independent Living Coordinator (ILC), who will discuss your circumstances with you.

A resident who wishes to transfer will be expected to have kept to the conditions of their tenancy and have an up-to-date rent account. You should keep us informed of any change in circumstances that may affect your application.

For more information about how we allocate properties, please refer to our leaflet ‘Applying for Housing’ at or via telephone  or email.

Mutual exchange

If you find either another Johnnie Johnson Housing resident or a resident from another registered housing provider who wishes to exchange (swap) your home with you, please speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer in the first instance and they will discuss your circumstances. Permission to exchange will not unreasonably be withheld, but there are certain conditions which need to be met before we can approve your request:

  • Both sides in an exchange must get written consent from their landlord 
  • Any outstanding rent arrears must be cleared before an exchange can  take place 
  • You and your exchange partner must have a good tenancy record and not have any outstanding notices or legal action pending against you for breaking conditions of tenancy
  • The accommodation you occupy must not be designed for someone with special needs e.g. a disabled person
  • Your home must pass an inspections for damage by your Neighbourhood Housing Officer or Independent Living Coordinator (ILC)

Johnnie Johnson Housing are members of HomeSwapper which is a national register for members wishing to exchange homes and is open to all local authority and housing association tenants throughout the UK.

You can register for HomeSwapper on their website or you can download the app for free which will give you instant access to your HomeSwapper account for quicker matches and messaging. Just visit the Android or Apple Store to download.

Important things to take into account when considering a mutual exchange; 

  • You may only move into a property that either meets your statutory requirements in terms of number of bedrooms or has one extra bedroom. You should note that if you are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and you move to a property with one or more spare bedrooms, your benefit will be reduced
  • You should note that, in exchanging properties, you will take over the tenancy of the person you are exchanging with and they will take over your tenancy
  • When you accept an exchange property, you are taking it as seen and, therefore, accepting the condition of the property
  • Be realistic about the area or type of property you want or size of property to increase your chances of success
  • Make sure you can afford the moving expenses
  • Try to keep your expenses to an absolute minimum before arranging to move as you will not get them back if your swap partner withdraws from an exchange at any time.

Managing physical difficulties in your existing homes

If you are having difficulties there are a number of ways we could help you for example: •  By contacting social services who may be able to provide aids to help you live in your home or helping you transfer to an adapted or more suitable property •  By arranging an exchange with someone who has an adapted or more suitable property. Please contact your local manager who will be able to take you through the options to find the best solution for you •  By assessing your home to see if adapting your home is possible
Please contact your Neighbourhood Housing officer who will be able to take you through the options.

Moving to a property outside of Johnnie Johnson Housing Stock 

  • You must give us four weeks’ notice in writing
  • Ensure your rent account is clear
  • Advise all the utility companies who supply you with gas, electricity etc. of your moving date
  • Leave your home empty and in good condition
  • Hand in your keys to your local manager or local office before your tenancy end date

We will recharge residents if we have to pay to remove your goods, carry out repairs that are not due to fair wear and tear, or redecorate the home.

We will also carry out a pre-termination inspection of your property to ensure it is left in a lettable condition. For further information please refer to your tenancy agreement.