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Our new 'Report and Maintain' service is now live

Repair & Maintain Visit our dedicated microsite to report your repair today.


Phone the Customer Service Hub on 0345 305 5335.

You will be asked for details of the repair. Please give as much information as possible. We will ask you to tell us when you are available and how our contractor can contact you to arrange access.

You are responsible for:

  • Keeping your home in good condition and well decorated
  • Maintaining any appliances which you have brought to your home
  • Carrying out any repairs that were caused as a result of damage by you, a family member or visitor
  • Dealing with minor items such as:  
    • Replacing lost keys and lock changes if keys are lost 
    • Replacing electric fuses, plugs and light bulbs 
    • Replacing plugs in sinks/baths 
    • Adjusting doors after carpets have been fitted  
    • Clearing up broken glass inside your home 
    • Repairing cracks in tiles and plaster work
    • Clearing blockages due to misuse 
    • Ensuring your home is clean, empty and in good order when you leave

Please note: variations for leaseholders may apply.

If you report repairs to us which are your responsibility we may, in certain circumstances, carry out the repair but you will be re-charged. You are responsible for letting us into your home to carry out any repairs, to service your gas installations and, in exceptional circumstances, to provide pest control treatments.

We are responsible for carrying out:

  • All structural and external repairs  (unless damage is caused by resident)
  • Repairs to installations where applicable*,  such as: 
  • Heating and hot water systems 
  • Gas fires 
  • Sanitation ware 
  • Plumbing to external areas 
  • Repairs to and painting of communal and/or external areas

*Some residents are responsible for the upkeep of the above. If applicable to you, it will be discussed during sign up.

We aim to carry out emergency repairs within 24 hours. Examples are: fire, floods and serious electrical/gas failure. We will make safe within 24 hours. Should any follow up be required or for all other repairs we will arrange a mutually convenient appointment to complete the work.

For leaseholders

Your lease outlines who is responsible for repairing and maintaining the inside and outside of your home. The lease does not state every type of repair which may arise and if you require clarification about a particular repair please contact us. Johnnie Johnson Housing homeowners will normally be responsible for maintaining the inside of their home including plumbing, heating and decoration. If you have purchased a new property there is normally a minimum twelve month ‘Defects Period’, this period, however, starts from the time the property is handed over to Johnnie Johnson Housing by the developer and not from the date you purchase the property from Johnnie Johnson Housing. Most new schemes will be covered by a Building Guarantee covering the first ten years. Please contact us for more information if required.

Type of Lease Internal External/Communal
Summary of normal repair responsibilities for Leaseholders
Shared Ownership houses and bungalows leaseholder leaseholder
Shared ownership apartments leaseholder Johnnie Johnson Housing
Leaseholder Scheme for the Elderly (LSE) leaseholder Johnnie Johnson Housing






Please note where Johnnie Johnson Housing show as responsible for external/communal repairs, we are only responsible for managing the repairs and maintenance required - the cost of work is paid for by leaseholders from the service charge and reserve fund contributions. Refer to your lease for the specific responsibilities applicable.

Who carries out your repairs?

Our repairs and mainteance service is carried out by Fortem. You will find more information here.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my repairs?

If you are not satisfied with the repair or if the contractor doesn’t arrive, please ring the Customer Service Hub to let them know. They will contact the contractor to find out why the work hasn’t been carried out or to ensure they rectify any problems.

However, if you are still not satisfied, there are other options you can pursue:

  • Use our Complaints Policy
  • Use your right to repair
  • Contact the Environmental Health Department of your local council who have the legal powers to enforce us to carry out certain work

Your rights

The right to repair is a system for compensating residents where the landlord fails to carry out a repair within the target time and fails to do so again after a further request is made by the resident.

Major repairs

The repairs we have described so far are one-off repairs within your own home, which you have requested. We also have to think about the longterm upkeep of your home and have to plan works that might need to be carried out to all the flats or houses in your scheme. When we are planning to carry out major works we will consult with you about the proposed work and keep you informed of progress.

There may be some occasions when you would have to move out of your home for a period of time. If you have to leave your home on either a temporary or a permanent basis you might be entitled to a home-loss payment and/or disturbance allowances. For further details about home loss and disturbance payments please contact the Customer Service Hub.

For residents who are leaseholders; when we need to carry out major works such as replacing windows, we will consult with you in accordance with the requirements of legislation including Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act of 2002.

Improvements, alterations and adaptations

You have the right to carry out some improvements and alterations to your home. For example, we will usually give permission for: 

  • Installing a shower
  • Replacing a sink
  • Erecting a TV aerial
  • Fitting furniture such as built-in cupboards

Before you start the work, you must have a letter from us giving permission. If we refuse permission, we will always give you a reason.

We are only likely to say no if we think the alteration would:

  • Make the property less safe
  • Reduce the value of the property
  • Spoil the appearance of the property

If we agree to let you go ahead, we will ask you to make sure that:

  • The work is done by a professional contractor or qualified person
  • If any damage is caused by the work, you must put it right
  • You take responsibility for the future maintenance of the changes you  have made
  • You check whether you need approval from the council for the work, for example, building regulations approval or planning permission

If you need approval, you must get it before the work starts.

If you need an adaptation to your home to make it easier for you or your family member to live there then please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer who will be able to offer you further advice.

Refer to the Frequently asked Questions section for more information on specific queries.

Taking care of your home

You can avoid condensation by:

  • Keep your home warm and well ventilated - don’t block up air vents
  • Opening windows or operating the fan, close the kitchen door when cooking
  • Dry clothes outside whenever possible  - always open windows if drying inside

You can protect against frost damage by:

  • Keeping your home warm
  • Reporting overflows

If however there is a burst pipe:

  • Put a bowl under the leak to catch  the water
  • Turn off the central heating
  • Turn off the main stopcock (make sure you know where that is)
  • Turn on the taps to drain the system