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Storage of mobility scooters

Johnnie Johnson Housing works in partnership with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to ensure high standards of fire safety in all of our properties across all regions. 

Following a serious fire which occurred in one of our properties in June 2015, caused by a mobility scooter, we have since introduced a zero tolerance approach to the storage of mobility scooters in common areas of our properties. Residents are now required to either keep their scooters in their flat, outside or in a dedicated storage area provided by us.

In some cases a secure external area has been provided for this purpose which enables residents to charge their scooters safely without risk to themselves or any other residents or staff.

We aim to ensure where possible that the needs of those individuals who need to use a mobility scooter in order to maintain their independence are taken into consideration when implementing this policy. At the same time the highest standards of fire safety will be maintained to ensure the safety of all residents and staff within our properties.