Board approval for Johnnie Johnson Housing to join Sanctuary

First Published: 27/11/2023

Board approval for Johnnie Johnson Housing to join Sanctuary

Board approval for Johnnie Johnson Housing to join Sanctuary
Johnnie Johnson Housing (JJH) is set to join Sanctuary as a subsidiary following the approval of the Boards of both organisations. This announcement follows a detailed due diligence process, the results of which were presented to the Boards for consideration. The completion will be subject to obtaining appropriate consents from the organisations’ lenders.

Craig Moule, Sanctuary Group Chief Executive, said:

Not-for-profit housing and care providers deliver a vital public service to society – we invest in maintaining and improving housing stock, provide a security of tenure that is affordable, develop new affordable homes and deliver good-quality care.

There is space for organisations of any size in our sector and there are many organisations who provide excellent services to a single community, or a small number of neighbouring communities, but do not have the capacity to make significant investment in their existing homes or develop new homes.

As one of the largest providers in the sector, we use our size and strength to invest and develop, to be efficient, while maintaining local, community focused services.


Yvonne Castle, Johnnie Johnson Housing Chief Executive, said:

We always look to provide the best possible service and make sure we are focused on what matters most for our residents – providing homes that they love to live in.

We always want to do more. We are ambitious as experts in the field of providing homes and services, including Astraline’s Technology Enabled Care, for older residents. We know that through joining Sanctuary we will be able fulfil our ambitions and invest more in our residents’ homes than we could on our own.

As always, the interests of our own residents and those of Sanctuary will remain our top priority.

Yvonne has decided to step down from the role of Chief Executive Officer in December, and Kathryn Fox-Rogers will lead the Johnnie Johnson Housing subsidiary in the role of  Managing Director.

Yvonne added:

I have built a hugely positive relationship with Craig and his colleagues over the last nine months and firmly believe the merger will benefit both organisations. It has been an absolute honour and a privilege to be JJH’s leader and I know that our residents and our colleagues are in great hands as the two organisations move forward together.”

Craig Moule added:

I’d like to thank Yvonne for her dedication and commitment in the role of Chief Executive Officer at JJH. It’s been a pleasure working with her and witnessing firsthand her tireless commitment to delivering the best for JJH’s residents and communities. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

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To find out more about the partnership please read the FAQs document here.