Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors decides the systems and structures which ensure proper control and direction of Johnnie Johnson Housing. Whilst day-to-day this is the responsibility of the Group Chief Executive and Executive Directors, longer-term strategy and standards are the responsibility of board members.

Nathan Warren (BA (Hons), FCCA, MBA, C-DIR) Profile
Nathan Warren (BA (Hons), FCCA, MBA, C-DIR)

Subsidary Board Member

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Lizzie Hieron (BSc (Hons))  Profile
Lizzie Hieron (BSc (Hons)) 

Subsidary Board Member

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Hilary Gardner Profile
Hilary Gardner

Subsidary Board Member

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William Hogg Profile
William Hogg

Subsidary Board Member

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The Board of Directors at Johnnie Johnson Housing consists of people who offer significant experience and expertise from a range of business sectors. They meet regularly to monitor performance, decide policy, and provide strategic direction for our work. You can find out more about our board structure, corporate governance, and members and their responsibilities below.

About the Board of Directors

The core responsibilities of the board of directors are:

  • To define and maintain the values and objectives of Johnnie Johnson Housing.
  • To set the organisation’s strategic direction.
  • To approve policies and plans to achieve the objectives.
  • To approve the accounts and the annual budget and business plans.
  • To ensure that there is adequate delegation and good internal controls.
  • To ensure proper risk management.
  • To make decisions on important financial matters, or on issues which carry major risk, or are matters of principle.
  • To monitor the performance of the organisation and measure it against others.
  • To appoint the chief executive and fix his/her contract terms.
  • To ensure that the organisation acts within the law.
  • To ensure that governance standards are maintained.
  • To appoint and (if necessary) remove the chair of the board.

The board meets approximately six times a year in formal session to receive reports from officers and make decisions on the future of the organisation.

Board members may also be involved in other aspects of our governance, and serve as members of the Audit and Risk Committee, Nominations and Remuneration, or our Johnnie Johnson Development Board. They may attend housing conferences and become involved with the voluntary members forum of the National Housing Federation. So apart from the actual board meetings, members may give considerable time to the organisation.

All board members have to be elected by shareholders at general meetings. Shareholders comprise a mix of former and current board members, residents, and others with a genuine interest in our work.

There is a rota for retirement from the board to ensure a reasonable turnover of members and, in line with regulatory requirements, no members serve for more than nine years. Johnnie Johnson Housing pays board members in line with sector guidelines at a median level.

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