Our customer promise

We want you to be happy with the services you receive, so we created our customer promise to reinforce our ongoing commitment to providing outstanding customer service and affordable housing.

We want to get it ‘right first time’ and are always seeking your feedback on our performance.

We look for opportunities to offer you more choice in the way you live and how you manage your home, both now and in the future.

We are committed to researching the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective ways to keep you safe in your homes.

We also offer technology-enabled care services to help you live independently for as long as possible.

We will invest in your homes to ensure they remain modern and attractive and fit with your expectations.

We are building new ‘smart’ properties and retrofitting older ones to be aspirational and offer a range of designs and services that suit the current demands and those of future generations. These feature the latest technology and green/energy-saving devices plus other great innovations.

We are committed to maximising the opportunities that new technology offers to deliver targeted support and services.

We will offer energy-efficient systems, enhanced methods of communication, and provide emergency help where needed. Our teams will also be agile workers, delivering support where needed, with easily accessible data and information to help you.

Our new ‘smart’ homes will have increased energy efficiency and we will develop homes that are carbon-neutral.

We will keep service charges as economical as possible and maximise the use of communal facilities to ensure we offer value for money to all residents. We will continue to make it as easy as possible to pay your rent.

Our customers have a wide range of opportunities to engage with us.

This is to ensure you can influence our strategy and policies and help us develop services and a sense of community.

Living longer, living better

We’re a housing provider you can trust. With over 50 years of experience, we really are the market leaders when it comes to independent living. Our approach to independent living is to ensure we help our older customers ‘live longer, live better’ which simply means helping you to age well and live independently for longer.

95% of our residents love where they live.