JJH Assurance Panel

Our JJH Assurance Panel has a prominent role in our governance here at Johnnie Johnson Housing, helping us to continually improve and effectively engage with our residents.

Our new Resident Involvement Offer

We have recently undertaken a review of our Resident Involvement offer to ensure we are meeting our regulatory requirements and want the wider customer voice is represented and heard within Johnnie Johnson Housing and influence our services. This proposal sees the evolution of what was the Scrutiny Panel, to our new JJH Assurance Panel, which takes a more flexible approach to involvement and reviews, with the goal of engaging more customers and receiving feedback from a wide range of customers.

The JJH Assurance Panel

JJH Assurance Panel plays a critical role in ensuring we are listening to our wider customer voices and the services that we are delivering are meeting our customers expected standards, providing challenge and assurance to ensure we are getting it right for all customers.

The work undertaken by the JJH Assurance Panel will be customer lead activities, that will ensure that Johnnie Johnson Housing are working with and listening to our wider customer base across all regions, ensuring continuous improvements of our services.

Aims of the JJH Assurance Panel

  • To have a core group of customers, which represent the wider customer voice, who will work with JJH to evaluate the services delivered.
  • The panel meets quarterly and reviews data and information using this to select service areas for review via a Bitesize Assessment based on Tenant Satisfaction Measures, Transactional Survey Feedback and Complaints.
  • The panel will monitor recommendations identified by wider customer feedback via Bitesize Assessments and ensure we are delivering actions based on our wider customer feedback, to improve our services and provide assurance that we are doing what we say we will.

A great first meeting, informative and engaging allowing for open and honest discussion. From residents’ responses to the Tenant Satisfaction survey, the panel where able to challenge JJH on the results, identify areas which need improvement and agree the next Bite size review. Overall, a productive and encouraging meeting.


JJH Assurance Panel member

The first JJH Assurance Panel meeting

The first JJH Assurance Panel quarterly meeting took place on Tuesday 13th June. The meeting saw active discussion take place from the panel members around the data, which was presented based on the wider customer voice, including the Tenant Satisfaction Measures consultation from February and March 2023, as well as the Rant & Rave transactional survey data from different service areas and complaints data from 2023/24 Q1, ensuring our wider customer voice is being heard and represented through all discussions and decisions made by the panel.

Meeting minutes 13/06/23 The visibility of Community Housing Officer in properties

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