Becoming an independent living tenant

Applying for your new home with Johnnie Johnson Housing just got much easier. Now you can register, search and apply for homes online at a time that suits you. Our new online letting system gives you greater choice and control over where you live and is much fairer and more transparent.

5 easy steps to your next home

1: Register for your new home
2: Search for the homes you love
3: Bid on homes
4: Decision
5: Move in

We operate a choice-based lettings system, which is easy-to-use and allows you to make choices about where you want to live and which home is most suitable for you. Most housing associations will use a choice-based letting scheme, to advertise homes which are available to rent.

Before you can start bidding for homes, you will need to register with us so that we can check your eligibility.

Once you are registered, you can search and select the properties that are of interest to you.

The system will automatically only display properties that you are eligible to bid on. 

If you are eligible, you will be able to bid on the homes you would like to live in, you can usually bid (express an interest in) more than one home at a time, but it is worth checking before you try to bid on too many.

There may be instances where a choice-based lettings system isn’t in place and you will be able to apply to rent one of our homes from us directly. Either way, we want to ensure we find the best option available to you for your situation.

Our choice-based housing allocation policy usually works on a priority basis, with each customer being given a ‘priority status’ depending on their housing needs at that time. Once the bidding window closes on a property, we will inform the successful applicant.

Before offering a tenancy, we will invite you to view the property and carry out a pre-tenancy interview. 

There may be instances where a choice-based lettings system isn’t in place and you will be able to apply to rent one of our homes from us directly.

Once you have accepted our offer of a home, it’s time to move in. We want to keep everyone safe and well so we have developed a COVID-safe moving in proceedure. Prior to your move date we will get in touch to take you through the procedure and to make moving in as easy, enjoyable and stress free as possible for you.

Our Allocations policy

Our allocations policy is backed up by clear procedures, which are regularly reviewed to ensure that we comply with any changes in the law and to make sure they help us to achieve our objectives.

We allocate properties on the basis of date registration within the three housing need groups below:

Group one – priority housing need

Examples below:

  • Homeless
  • Local authority nomination
  • Need to move due to a serious illness which prevents you living in your current home. For example, we consider it an extremely urgent need for re-housing if you are prevented from leaving hospital because your home is no longer suitable, such as an amputee having to live downstairs where the only toilet is upstairs
  • Need to move due to serious harassment/violence
  • Need to move due to demolition or major building works
  • A situation where you are financially worse off due to the bedroom tax

Please note that you will be asked to provide evidence to substantiate your housing situation.

Group two – urgent housing need

Examples below:

  • Suffering from anti-social behaviour at current address
  • Currently living in temporary accommodation
  • Living in overcrowded conditions
  • Suffering friction within the household
  • Needing to move due to an illness or disability in order to improve quality of life

Group three – other housing applicants

Examples below:

  • Applicants who wish to move but have no priority or urgent housing need
  • Transfer applicants who have no medical or social need


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