Your agreement or lease

A lease or rental agreement explains your rights and responsibilities, and outlines the rent and/or service charges you must pay. You can find this information on our Resident Portal. If you have any problems locating your agreement please contact our customer services team.

When a lease is agreed between you and Johnnie Johnson housing it will include information regarding:

  • services to be provided by JJH for which a service charge is payable
  • calculation, apportionment and collection of rent, ground rent, service charges and sinking funds
  • procedures leaseholders must follow in order to assign their lease
  • procedures shared ownership leaseholders must follow to purchase additional shares
  • circumstances when JJH may end the lease by forfeiture or re-entry
  • details of the respective responsibilities of the leaseholder and JJH for repairs and maintenance to the property, the structure and common parts

Need more details?

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