You said, we did

We are always trying to improve our services and achieve the highest standards possible for residents. We take your feedback and suggestions for improvement very seriously and always work to resolve issues and concerns as quickly as we can. In our efforts to be transparent and honest, we like to share what we’ve done to improve.

What have we changed?

You said: Our annual rent and service charge information packs were over-complicated and not easy to understand.

We did: With feedback from residents, we’ve redesigned the packs we send to you about your rent and service charges, giving them a new look and making our statements much clearer. We’re working on making these packs more meaningful to you with more relevant information, rather than just being a transactional record.

You said: Our allocations process wasn’t clear.

We did: We have improved our allocations process. You can now register online and automatically join the Johnnie Johnson Housing waiting list. Using our new online lettings system, you can now search for, find and apply for homes online.

You said: Our repairs partner, Fortem, is not communicating effectively with residents about appointments.

We did: We have made a number of great changes to improve the experience and service you receive on repairs. We now meet weekly with Fortem’s Business Support Director to discuss performance, complaints, and review progress. Fortem also now receives all repairs calls directly which has improved the diagnois of repairs significantly and simpified the rebooking process. We have also implemented a monthly repairs forum so you can bring any concerns directly to us and we resolve them together quickly and easily.

You said: The lack of estate management is of concern, including cleaning and gardening, plus ongoing anti-social behaviour.

We did: Quality checks have been carried out by the Johnnie Johnson Housing operational leaders at properties, feeding back improvements to gardening, estate management, and cleaning. Remedial plans have been introduced for contractors where poor quality has been identified. All anti-social behaviour issues, including noncompliance of face mask regulations, continue to be investigated and dealt with by our neighbourhood teams.