Buying shared ownership

Shared ownership is a flexible way to buy a home, and it doesn’t mean sharing with someone else! It means finding the right home to suit your budget.

Get on the property ladder

A popular part-buy, part-rent scheme, buying shared ownership means you can buy shares in your new home. Shares can range from 25% through to 75%, which means you would pay a mortgage on the share you own, and you pay rent to us on the remaining percentage. So if you purchased 75% of your new home, this is the percentage you would pay your mortgage against, whilst the remaining 25% would be paid to us in a monthly rent.

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Buying shared ownership is a fantastic and affordable way of getting on the housing ladder.

Increase your share

You can start with as little as 25% share in many cases. Increase your share in your home over time, when you're ready to.

Low deposits

The deposit you would need to pay to secure your new home is usually a lot lower than it would be if you were buying the home outright.

Lower rental cost

The rent on your remaining portion is less than the rate charged on the open market.

Finding the right home to suit your budget

The deposit you would need to pay to secure your new home is usually a lot lower than it would be if you were buying the home outright. This also applies to the level of rent you would have to pay; this would be a lot lower than if you were renting privately.

Over time, you’ll be given the chance to buy additional shares in your home. This is called ‘staircasing’, and in most cases you will be able to ‘staircase’ all the way up to 100%, meaning you own your home outright and you would no longer need to pay us rent – you would just continue to pay your mortgage.

As a homeowner, you would be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your property, the same as if you owned it outright

Still require some help?

Still require some help?

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Frequently asked questions

For shared ownership properties, the rent charge covers the remaining share of the property that Johnnie Johnson Housing owns. Some shared ownership properties may include a service charge or annual charge that covers communal gardening and maintenance. However, the homeowner is usually responsible for all repairs to their individual property; the service charge covers only communal areas.

A minimum age restriction may apply for some shared ownership properties. You can check the property details for more information on who can apply and you will be advised of any restrictions on application.

At Johnnie Johnson Housing we have a clear Equality and Diversity policy. We welcome applications from anyone regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical characteristics or disability.

Buying a shared ownership property can be a more affordable option because you are only purchasing a share of your home instead of paying for the full value of the property. Shared ownership can be a great way to get on the property ladder sooner or downsize at a time that is right for you. By choosing shared ownership, you benefit from lower upfront costs, making your money go further.

Yes, with shared ownership you can choose to purchase 100% of the property later. However, the lease for some properties may restrict when you can purchase the remaining share of your property.

Shared ownership is a type of home ownership where you own a share of your home while paying rent on the rest. With shared ownership, you can purchase a percentage share of the property, these shares are normally purchased at 25%, 50% or 75%, with the possibility of purchasing 100% of the property later. Johnnie Johnson Housing owns the remaining share of the property and you pay a rent charge based on the percentage share that Johnnie Johnson Housing owns.

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