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At Johnnie Johnson Housing, we use a choice-based lettings approach to letting our homes. It is easy to use and gives you the control to make decisions about where you want to live and which home is most suitable for you. Discover how you can search and apply for housing online.

What are choice-based lettings?

The choice-based lettings system is an easy-to-use lettings system that most housing associations use to advertise the homes they have available to rent. To get started, you firstly need to register for housing. Once you’re registered with us, you can search and bid on the properties you wish to live in (subject to eligibility).

Bidding for properties

Before you can start bidding for homes on our choice-based lettings system, you will need to register with us so we can check your eligibility.

After we have checked your eligibility, you will be able to bid on the homes you would like to live in. You can usually bid for more than one home at a time, but it is worth checking before you try to bid on too many.

How a decision is made

Choice-based lettings usually works on a priority basis, with each customer being given a ‘priority status’ depending on their housing need at that time. Once the bidding window closes on a property, we will inform the successful applicant and the move-in process will begin.

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Whether you are looking for houses for rent, shared ownership, affordable housing, or to buy a home outright, we offer a whole range of different types of homes and tenure types to suit your needs and budget. We also specialise in independent living homes for those age 55 and over.

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Require some help?

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