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Our independent living offer is one of support when you need it, the choice is yours. We are leading the way in new and innovative ways to help our customers remain independent in their homes for longer, while maintaining our high levels of customer service. We regularly ask our customers for their views and feedback and some 95% of our customers tell us they love where they live.

We help you to live independently

We want you to be proud of where you live and to feel safe and secure at all times. We aim to deliver housing services that are top quality as well as offering value for money.

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Estate services

Our friendly estate services teams carry out regular cleaning, window cleaning, minor communal repairs and ground maintenance across our independent living homes, so you don't have to. Our team work to the highest standards to ensure your home and communal environment are always the best they can be.

Repairs service

Costs for repairs on your home can sometimes hit unexpectedly. We aim to take the stress and worry out of maintaining your property by providing an easy to access all-inclusive repairs service. We strive to fix your repairs as quickly and conveniently as possible with no fuss or a hefty bill at the end of it!

Safety & compliance

We know that feeling safe in your own home is the basic right of any homeowner or tenant, and that’s why safety has always been - and will always be - at the heart of our housing operations. We promote a safety culture at Johnnie Jonson Housing, working to the highest standards across the key areas of safety complaince: fire, electric, gas, water, materials.

We understand

50 years' experience in independent living

We make it easy

Large network of partners providing you and your community with support services

We care

150+ network of specialist housing managers

We are there

Emergency alam monitoring and technology enabled care services

Frequently asked questions

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to rent one of our properties.

Applicants between the ages of 16 and 18 will, however, be required to provide a guarantor and we strongly recommend that they seek advice from social services and/or the local authority homeless services.

Applicants looking for our Independent Living properties must normally be 55 years of age. In the case of couples, one partner should have reached 55. In certain circumstances, however, we can consider applicants under the age of 55, e.g. someone who is registered disabled and is in receipt of a relevant disability benefit. Some of our schemes have specific restrictions on who can apply. You will be advised of any restrictions on application.

At Johnnie Johnson Housing we have a clear Equality and Diversity policy. We welcome applications from anyone regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical characteristics or disability.

Using our new property website, you can bid on a maximum of 3 properties at any one time. However, if we have made you an offer of a property you will no longer be permitted to place bids and any previous bids for other properties will not be considered, pending the signing of the tenancy.

Johnnie Johnson Housing uses a Banding system to assess a person’s level of housing need. Your current housing circumstances will be assessed and you will be given the Band which reflects how urgently you need to move.

There are 5 Housing Need Bands:

Band 1 – for people who need to be rehoused urgently, for example, someone who is homeless or where there is a serious risk to their safety if they remain in their current home.

Band 2 – for people who are experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of the spare room subsidy, armed forces veterans who need to move on from time limited supported accommodation and non-priority homeless applicants.

Band 3 – for people who are threatened with homelessness within the next 56 days and are owed a ‘prevention duty’ by the local authority.

Band 4 – for people who have a housing need that does not fall into Band 1, 2 or 3.

Band 5 – applicants within this group are generally adequately housed, have no housing or support needs, but want to move to satisfy their own personal requirements.

All applications received from people who want to move into a Johnnie Johnson rented property will be assessed and placed in one of the above bands.

When allocating a property we will shortlist applicants, taking into account:

  • their housing need (i.e. their band)
  • who will occupy the property fully (see ‘How we calculate bedroom need’)
  • the effective date of their application (i.e. the date that their band was awarded)
  • any other eligibility rules such as local connection, age limits etc.

What is included in your rent will vary depending on the property. Some properties include bills such as water, gas, and electricity in the rent. Sometimes the service charge, which covers communal cleaning and maintenance, will also be included in the rent, but this will be a separate charge for some properties.

If you are unsure what is included in the rent for your home, you can ask your Independent Living Coordinator or contact our Customer Service team.

It’s easy to register online – all you need is an email and a password. Simply create an account to get started.

For more details on how to sign up, read Your guide to creating an account.

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