Customer and Neighbourhoods Team - West Region

Find your Community Housing Officer and other colleagues who can support you with all your enquiries.

Neighbourhood Leads Team

Here you will find information and contact details about our Neighbourhood Leads for the West region.

Rachel Page

Regional Neighbourhood Manager

Susan Willerton

Neighbourhood Lead, Move in Move on

Sarah Rumney

Neighbourhood Lead, Leasehold

Community Housing Officers Team

Community Housing Officers support our residents on a day-to-day basis.
Below you will find their contact details and the properties they look after.

Start by selecting your tenancy type:
Albert Mews | Natasha Perkins,
Alconbury Court | Caroline Valentine,
Arrowscroft Court | Caroline Valentine,
Backbower | Caroline Valentine,
Bakewell Court | Natasha Perkins,
Boundary Road (I/II) | Natasha Perkins,
Burnage (I) – Lomas Close | Caroline Valentine,
Burnage (II) – Lavister Avenue | Caroline Valentine,
Deanwater Court | Natasha Perkins,
Downham Walk | Caroline Valentine,
Granby Road | Natasha Perkins,
Grange Avenue | Natasha Perkins,
Joseph Leigh House | Natasha Perkins,
Kensington Road | Natasha Perkins,
Layden Drive | Caroline Valentine,
Leighton House, SK22 4JZ | Natasha Perkins,
Maitland Avenue | Caroline Valentine,
Manston Lodge | Janine Leonard,
Maypool Drive | Angela Holt,
Mobberley Road | Natasha Perkins,
Mount Pleasant, SK13 8AD | Caroline Valentine,
Puzzle Tree Court | Natasha Perkins,
Sheldon Road | Natasha Perkins,
St Andrew | Becky Shuttleworth,
St Christophers Close | Caroline Valentine,
Stonehurst | Gillian Hoskin,
The Beeches | Natasha Perkins,
The Citadel | Natasha Perkins,
The Old School House | Natasha Perkins,
The Town House | Natasha Perkins,
Three Acres Lane | Natasha Perkins,
Wordsworth Crescent | Caroline Valentine,
Alderglen Rd | Natasha Perkins,
Ashley Gardens & Ashley Mews | Caroline Valentine,
Birchall Green | Dale Madden,
Blackheath Drive – Handforth | Natasha Perkins,
Bombay Road SK3 | Dale Madden,
Bramhall Lane | Dale Madden,
Bridgehall II | Dale Madden,
Browning Road SK5 | Dale Madden,
Burghley Close | Caroline Valentine,
Cornelius Court | Caroline Valentine,
Cranleigh Drive | Dale Madden,
Daresbury Close, SK38LY | Dale Madden,
Eaglais Way CE | Natasha Perkins,
Elizabeth St | Natasha Perkins,
Halifax | Dale Madden,
Hassop Close | Natasha Perkins,
Herbert St | Natasha Perkins,
Heyrose Place | Natasha Perkins,
High Street & Meal Street, SK22 4AH | Natasha Perkins,
Howard House, SK13 8JB | Natasha Perkins,
James Place & Edgar Court CE | Natasha Perkins,
Leighton House, SK22 4JZ | Natasha Perkins,
Lindley Grove (Dares/Lind/New/Pick) SK3 | Dale Madden,
London Road | Dale Madden,
Lowry Steps | Crowther Street SK1 | Dale Madden,
Maguire Avenue | Redfern Close, SK13 1DE | Natasha Perkins,
Market Place SK1 | Dale Madden,
Marsland House | Natasha Perkins,
Mottram Ave | Natasha Perkins,
New Street, New Mills, SK22 4PE | Natasha Perkins,
Newberry Grove | Dale Madden,
Ollersett Avenue, SK22 4LE | Natasha Perkins,
Palatine Court | Caroline Valentine,
Park Drive, Wilmslow | Natasha Perkins,
Park Street SK1 | Dale Madden,
Radford Close | Dale Madden,
Rosedale | Dale Madden,
Shawcross Fold SK3 | Dale Madden,
Sheldon Court | Natasha Perkins,
Sheldon Road | Natasha Perkins,
Silk Mill | Natasha Perkins,
St Georges Road, SK22 4JY | Natasha Perkins,
St Georges Way | Natasha Perkins,
St Pauls Court CE | Natasha Perkins,
Stanley House, SK22 4DE | Natasha Perkins,
Thorngate Rd | Natasha Perkins,
Three Acres Lane | Dale Madden,
West Drive, SK13 1NB | Natasha Perkins,
Woodlands Close, SK13 1LZ | Natasha Perkins,
Woodlands Street | Caroline Valentine,
Adastral House M21 | Robert Baker,
Barnsdale Drive | Natasha Perkins,
Berkeley Court M20 | Karan Beaumont,
Bridgehall I | Dale Madden,
Carron House M22 | Natalie Oldham,
Cheetham Hill | Caroline Valentine,
Chorlton Brook House | Dale Madden,
Clifford Hilditch Court M8 | Ayesha Hall,
Coltishall House SK8 | Farrah Dar,
Coltishall Lodge | Dale Madden,
Cranwell Court | Caroline Valentine,
Derwent Court | Denise Airey,
Digby Lodge M20 | Karan Beaumont,
Duxford Lodge, M8 | Ayesha Hall,
Goodwood Lodge M16 | Mark Thomas,
Heightside WA15 | Merissa McLaughlin,
Heywood Street | Natasha Perkins,
Hornchurch House SK2 | Louise Bates,
Hudson Court M9 | Joanne Galston,
Keelmans | Lisa Trenell,
Kenley Lodge SK7 | Farrah Dar,
Kirton Lodge M25 | Margaret Byrne,
Kittiwake Court | Dale Madden,
Le Bas House | Robert Baker,
Leyland Avenue & Sevenoaks Road SK8 | Dale Madden,
Millom Court | Sallie Metcalfe,
Mitchell Close SK8 | Sandra Martin,
Mitchell House SK8 | Sandra Martin,
Montrose Court | Margaret Jones,
Moor Road M23 | Caroline Valentine,
Northolt Court M23 | Pauline Parsons,
Park House M11 | Marcia Wilkinson,
Pickmere | Dale Madden,
Portal Court M24 | Joanne Galston,
Portland House | Claire Atkins,
Radford House SK2 | Louise Bates,
Rochford House | Caroline Valentine,
Roselea M23 | Natalie Oldham,
Sealand House M25 | Margaret Byrne,
Spey House SK5 | Donna Booth,
St Annes House, Buxton | Jackie Miller,
St Georges House SK15 | Ann Broadley,
Stanmore House M34 | Ann Broadley,
Stirling Close | Dale Madden,
Tangmere | Mark Thomas,
Trenchard Court M43 | Pauline Parsons,
Ventura Court, New Mills | Gemma Warburton,
Wellington House M32 | Merissa McLaughlin,
Wesley House, Buxton | Jackie Miller,
Woodford Court M43 | Marcia Wilkinson,