Celebrating International Women’s Day

First Published: 08/03/2024

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

This week we are celebrating International Women’s Day on Friday 08 March. This just so happens to coincide with three recent internal promotions at Johnnie Johnson Housing. We would love for you to find out more about these successful women who inspire and lead the teams at JJH everyday.

Managing Director at Johnnie Johnson Housing, Kathryn Fox-Rogers said, “Talented people are hard to find, talented people who want to do their best each and every single day are rarer! We have that with Emma, Eve and Lauren and their care for the customers they serve both internally and externally is displayed in how they demonstrate the Johnnie Johnson Housing values for everyone to see. We couldn’t be more proud of Emma, Eve and Lauren and I was delighted to be able to make these promotions available to them.”


Meet Emma Midgley who was recently promoted to Director of Integration and Transformation.

Alongside her promotion Emma is celebrating a 10 year anniversary of working at Johnnie Johnson and Astraline. She has climbed the career ladder extensively during her time through hard work and determination, the right leadership and support and extra studying along the way. Read her story in full.

Meet Lauren Courty who was recently promoted to Assistant Director Homes and Building Safety.

As a woman working in a male dominated environment Lauren has come across her far share of challenges and is very passionate about recruiting more females in the housing and construction sector. Lauren recently won Johnnie Johnson Housing’s ‘Newcome of the year 2023’ award and has now been promoted to Assistant Director. Read her story in full. 

Meet Eve Dustin who’s role as Transformation and Programme Lead will now join JJH’s Operational Leadership Team.

Eve spent a huge part of her career working at ExxonMobil (better known as Esso in the UK). She started out in the call centre and went on to travel the word is some pivotal roles. Eve now has slightly less travelling to do but is busy leading the programme management office at Johnnie Johnson Housing and has two teenage children who keep her on her toes. Read her story in full.