Do you live in Greater Manchester?

First Published: 06/04/2021

The Greater Manchester Housing Providers partnership (GMHP) has produced a short online survey to gain feedback from residents of Greater Manchester that will influence the priorities of the GMHP. As a member of the GMHP, we ask our residents in Greater Manchester to please complete the survey which you can find here. The survey will be open until 25 June 2021 and the results will be made available on the GMHP website. You can also find the GMHP current priorities outlined in their Manifesto here.

The Greater Manchester Housing Providers partnership (GMHP) is a group of 26 housing providers in Greater Manchester who are working together to ensure that everyone in the City Region can live in a quality home that they can afford. The housing providers of the GMHP house 1 in 5 people across Greater Manchester and together we are increasing the supply of homes, creating a skilled workforce and supporting the improvement of the lives of residents, where needed, across our communities. GMHP invest a significant amount of funds within their communities on things such as health and social care, employment and skills, fuel poverty and supporting the ageing population. In recent years we have been building around 40% of new homes across Greater Manchester.

You can find out more about GMHP here: