Scrutiny Service Spotlights with our Scrutiny Panel

First Published: 06/08/2021

Our Scrutiny Panel has been working with our Heads of Service group, learning about the areas they manage and the current challenges they face. The panel have given some great feedback on the spotlights they have completed so far and they have provided recommendations to help us improve our services.

Feedback on the Finance spotlight session:

“The presentation was very helpful and gave the panel a better understanding of the business plan, how it’s funded and the challenges/pressures that the business faces as well as the processes in place to mitigate risk.”

“Overall a very interesting, engaging and informative session – I learned lots!”

“We have learned more about the business which will be invaluable to the work of the Scrutiny Panel, enhancing our questioning ability and range.”

Learning outcomes:
  • Review financial information on the Johnnie Johnson Housing website to include forward plans and updates throughout the year.
  • Ensure performance data is explained clearly and enables understanding of targets.


Asset Management spotlight session:

“Matt’s presentation delivered a clear description of the Asset Management strategy, which sets out the strategic framework to provide quality homes and services and investment in homes at Johnnie Johnson Housing. I was impressed with his enthusiasm for working with residents when there are opportunities for their input.”

“It’s good to see the continued evaluation of homes at Johnnie Johnson Housing. There were lots of positive areas including the Regional Surveyors and data management systems.”

“The presentation was very informative and gave a clear and concise view of the structure/role of the team and their delivery of service.”

Learning outcomes:
  • Create ‘Handy Hints’ for properties relating to the discussions following the panel’s questions.
  • Improve website information to make it clear who to contact and which contractors do what.
  • Make sure residents know who to contact about fire alarms and how the procedure operates.


Feedback on the Health and Safety (Landlord) spotlight session:

“Matt’s presentation delivered an interesting and clear description of the landlord health and safety and compliance responsibility. The use of the C365 software gave reassurance that the required legal and internal checks are carried out and live and current data is available at the touch of a key. We were also reassured that first and foremost, residents are safe in their homes.”

Learning outcomes:
  • Make sure that key documents and information for the website is approved by the Scrutiny and/or Editorial Panel.
  • On the new Johnnie Johnson Housing website, make sure that Asset Management info is well ordered and in one place for ease of access.