Urgent and important safety message for residents

First Published: 07/04/2021


We would like to reassure residents that we have now successfully resolved the technical issues overnight and normal service has now resumed. Our Astraline lifeline service and fire alarm systems are working as normal. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Important safety message for residents

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with your fire alarm and warden call system. This means you could be at risk in the event of a fire or other emergency.

We are working quickly with our partners to resolve the situation and will let you know more when we can.

In the meantime, please be cautious and alert if you believe there is a fire, and call 999 immediately.

Our Astraline lifeline service has also been affected but our team are working quickly to resolve this. If you need emergency medical support please call 999 and request an ambulance.

There is no need to be concerned, we will resolve the situation and the emergency services are on hand to help you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.