Customer Privacy Notice

A whopping great Privacy Notice is a common way for big companies to provide their customers with information about all the ways their personal data is being used.

We don’t have one.

We will always provide a clear explanation of why we’re asking for information at the point we collect it, but if we combined all of those privacy notices into one big document it wouldn’t be very clear at all. That’s because the same data can be collected and processed for very different reasons; it not only depends on whether someone is applying for housing, is already a resident, or is an Astraline customer, but also on the type of help we’re giving them at any one time.

This page briefly details the main reasons we process data. If there’s not enough information here then get in touch; we’ll provide you with a copy of the relevant collection form which will tell you more.


Astraline Customers

astraline customers

a household with equipment connected to the Astraline service

Housing Applicants

housing applicants

people who have applied to rent or purchase a property from JJH



a household renting from or paying service charges to JJH

We only collect the information we need to provide the Astraline service. This will include your name, age, and address, and contact details for next of kin and medical professionals.

We collect personal information for everyone you want to house so we can allocate an appropriate property. This includes dates of birth and details about your circumstances and finances.

We collect personal information for everyone in your household to provide you with services and ensure your property remains right for you. If you need more support from us, we may need more information.

Sensitive Data



We’ll also need some medical information, and you’ll need to have provided your explicit consent for this.

We’ll ask you to tell us your ethnicity and sexuality because we have to monitor equality by law. We will ask you for medical information and criminal convictions to safeguard you and protect others.

We’ll ask you to tell us your ethnicity and sexuality because we have to monitor equality by law.

If you need more support from us, we may need more information for which we’ll need your explicit consent.

Sharing Data



We share information when you need us to; we contact the people you’ve told us to and the emergency services. If you don’t pay for our services directly we’ll keep the company you do pay up to date too.

We share information with local authorities as part of their allocations process, and with third parties we need references from. If successful, we share your pseudo-anonymised data with the government.

We share information to contractors in order to maintain your property. If you receive assistance paying for your rent, we will share your information with local authorities. We’ll also share information when we need to protect our financial interests, from debt to utility bills.

How Long We Keep Your Data



for one year after your account ends

for one year after  you no longer want to remain on our waiting list, or for 5 years if we exclude you.

for 6 years after your tenancy ends

Who to Contact to Access or Correct Your Information

Johnnie Johnson Housing

If you’ve applied for housing with Johnnie Johnson Housing or are a current or former resident, then you can request access to or correct your information by contacting our Customer Service Hub.


You can correct your information by using the service to talk to an operator.

If you pay Astraline directly for our services, then you can also request access to or correct your information by contacting us via our online form.

If you pay another company (e.g. your landlord via service charges) for the Astraline Service, then you need to contact them to access your data. They’ll get in touch with us on your behalf.

Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted at


This page forms part of Johnnie Johnson Housing’s response to GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. Specifically, it’s our response to GDPR Article 12 (Transparency and the exercise of the rights of the data subject). The notices you’ll see on our data collection forms are our response to GDPR Article 13 (Information to be provided where personal data are collected from the data subject).