Condensation | Frequently asked questions


Condensation is a common problem particularly in new properties. Our top tips for combating condensation are:

After a bath or shower, try to ventilate the room to the outside air, rather than the rest of your home by opening the bathroom window and closing the door. If you have an interior bathroom without a window, make sure that the mechanical extractor fan is switched on to its highest setting and keep the door shut until all the steam has cleared.

Make sure all mechanical extractor units installed within your kitchen are on before you start cooking and/or open a window. Don’t leave pans simmering uncovered – use a lid.

Dry your laundry outside, or in a room that is ventilated to the outside, with an open window. Your clothing may take longer to dry but less moisture will be absorbed into the air.

If you have a tumble drier, make sure that it is vented to the exterior.

Avoid overfilling cupboards and wardrobes. If possible use slatted shelves to allow air to circulate.

Avoid using paraffin heaters and bottled gas.

Leave trickle vents open and regularly air all rooms by opening windows for a short period.