Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance

To provide the support needed and keep our residents safe, plans are now in place to fully replenish the existing grit bins that are located currently at all our properties in advance of the Winter period.

Winter gritting

  • The local authority is responsible for many roads and footpaths, this includes several of our developments. These are commonly referred to as “adopted” areas.
  • We have installed grit bins in all our non-adopted estates.
  • These grit bins have recently been replenished with grit.
  • We do not carry out any gritting on a reactive basis, i.e. at the request of residents
  • We do not grit on a preventative basis, i.e. in anticipation of snow/frost
  • Residents can use the grit provided to grit their own paths and common footpaths around their homes, if they wish and at their own risk.
  • If the handyperson is at your property and grit is required, this will be completed as part of the handyperson task.
  • We will endeavour to ensure that there is an adequate supply of grit but do not provide a grit spreading service.
  • Please let us know if the grit bin in your area needs to be refilled as the Winter season progresses, and we will arrange this.
Check and refill grit bins

Check and refill grit bins

Please let us know if the grit bin in your area needs filled again as the Winter season progresses, and we will arrange to have this done.

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Snow clearance

As this work is dictated by the weather and the weather largely influences the ability of the team to deliver this service, there are no standards of service or timescales for this work. It is done on a best endeavours basis by our handyperson, and we will make the area as safe as reasonably possible but we cannot guarantee that they will be safe for all customers or visitors. Clearance of paths will only take place during normal working hours. Nothing in the above shall constitute a promise to clear paths or to provide safe pathways for tenants and/or visitors.

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